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 Somos un colectivo de collagistas que busca mediar, difundir e investigar la técnica del collage en Chile, a través de la creación de instancias virtuales y presenciales para la reflexión, aprendizaje e intercambio con otros collagistas y la sociedad.



Mediar, difundir e investigar el Collage en Chile, a través de la creación de instancias virtuales y presenciales para la reflexión, aprendizaje e intercambio con otros collagistas y personas interesadas en este oficio.



A través de la creación de distintas instancias de diálogo, buscamos contribuir a la mediación, estudio y reflexión del desarrollo del collage en Chile, potenciando y vinculando a las y los collagistas del país.

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CECOLL is made up of  collagists and collage friends with a common vision: to investigate and document the processes of this technique.

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(Santiago, Chile, 1991) Actress and Collagist. Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chile (2016).


As an actress, she has been part of the Teatro Sigilo company since 2016, where she has worked as a director, playwright and actress in different theatrical productions.


As a collagist, he began his career in  in 2016 using the analog collage technique, and mounting his first exhibition called “Life is bristling with dangers” (2019) at the Teatro del Puente. Her work currently shifts between analog and digital formats, using women at the center of its creation. It uses collage as an expanding tool of artistic language, where different points of view can converge and mixing different techniques, to generate unique compositions and hybrid languages, which detonate the semantic field.


(Concepción, Chile, 1993) Collagist and audiovisual producer.

Diploma in Art and Territorial Representation USACH.

With an interest in cultural management and production.  Currently, she has focused on supporting artistic research in dance and social sciences, from the focus of aesthetic and audiovisual documentation, where the short documentary 360º Movement: Research in Contemporary Dance, selected by CinemaChile to belong to the 2019 catalog released at the Marche, stands out. du Film, Cannes Festival, France, "desarraigo" winner of the Mala Memoria contest of the Museum of Memory and Human Rights and L'historie de Liliput, where he receives a mention for Narrative Creativity at 18MAUAL, Brazil.


Parallel to this, he is preparing his debut film AL MAR, a feature film by the production company Refugio Films.

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Constanza Espínola (Santiago, Chile 1987)

Producer, Creator and Collagist


Bachelor of Dance, mention in Choreographic Composition.

She currently works as a producer and manager of the commercial area at NAVE.

He began to make collages in 2008, focusing his creations  inspired by  women and their imaginaries.

In 2016 he held his first exhibition at the gallery "La puerta Azul"

In 2019, he began his first research residency at NAVE called "A work that does not end."

This scenic creation project has the interest of investigating and discovering the possible relationship between collage, the body and its interpretation through movement.

She is currently immersed in this research together with her team of collaborators:
Georgia del Campo, dancer and performer, and Rolando Jara, playwright and performer. and Cristian Gonzalez, sound engineer and musician.
The second part of the research is called "Astonishment as a habit" whose purpose is to explore the imaginary in relation to sound, darkness and the development of collage
as a connection of the imaginary and the unconscious.

In turn, he has participated in various festivals and meetings around collage such as:

CollageFest de Collage Chile (2020)

Chilean Collage Anthology, organized by CECOLL (Center for the Study of Collage) (2020)

Karüm virtual exhibition organized by Collage Chile (CL) and Women who cut and paste (ES)

International exhibition Free Thinkers of Women who Cut and Paste and EphemeraL Projects. (IT IS)